What we do

Free assessment


Edu-Experts will provide every new entrant a free assessment for Maths, English and/or Science, through which the team at Edu-Experts can gather valuable insights about the student’s current academic standing.

This assessment test takes 20~30 minutes. When it is complete, according to the student’s results, we will discuss these with you and make recommendations for next steps. We will identify your weaknesses, strengths, and knowledge gaps, through which we can base a tailored lesson plan for your child and make class allocations accordingly.


High School Placement Test (HSPT)


At the end of each year, intermediate year 8 students will commonly sit an entrance exam provided by High Schools. This screens the student’s academic ability and places them in streamed classes for high school study.

The entrance examination is normally made up of Mathematics, English and Reasoning/Science tests. Every student will have only one chance to sit the tests to determine his/her placement in their upcoming studying in high school. You can succeed on the HSPT by following Edu-Expert’s comprehensive study strategy and knowing how to effectively cope with any question you might face on test day.


Junior – Middle School Curriculum Tutoring


It is crucial that all students master the basic foundations of each subject at an early age. To ensure that all our students make a smooth transition into various high school curricula, we provide tutoring for math, english, and science for all students in Year 1 ~ 10. Our junior~middle school tutoring materials have been designed carefully to ensure that their progress is in line with national standards.


NCEA, CIE & IB taught by highly qualified teachers


Edu-Experts offers a variety of after-school tutoring programmes for primary, intermediate students and prepares students for NCEA, Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and International Baccalaureate (IB). Edu-Experts can also help those who wish to study overseas and are sitting in examinations such as SAT, ACT and The Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK).


Admissions Consulting + Extra-curricular / Leadership Mentoring

大学入学咨询服务 + 校外活动以及 领导力培养

Edu-Experts is a partner of Crimson Education –  one of Australasia’s leading education consultancies. Crimson specializes in supporting students with their applications towards the US or the UK, and in the past 3 years, Crimson has helped students receive more than 300 offers to top 50 US Universities and more than 30 to Oxford and Cambridge. To successfully apply for these universities, students must possess not only fantastic academics, but also polished extra-curriculars. Crimson supports students in applying for these universities through application consulting and extra-curricular and leadership mentoring. Students at Edu-Experts can receive a significant discount for Crimson’s services. For more information on Crimson, go to www.crimsoneducation.org.


SAT / ACT Tutoring


All students who wish to study in the US need to take either the SAT reasoning test or the ACT. It is crucial that students sit these exams well to have a competitive chance of applying for the best universities in the US. To assist students that wish to apply to the US, Edu-Experts provides tutoring for both the SAT and the ACT, taught by experienced tutors at Crimson Education.