Tuition Fees


Here at Edu-Experts, students pay 10 weeks of tuition fees in advance once the invoice has been issued to parents.


Internet Banking:

ASB Bank




Please provide your child’s name to ensure we process your payment correctly. Credit Card payments can be made by Visa and Mastercard (A 2% surcharge applies).


Terms and Conditions

  • Non-refundable: No fees under any circumstances such as illness, holiday, camp etc. However, we provide a credit to any students that miss a lesson for any reasons, by extending the effective date of payment. 24 hours’ advance written notice is to be provided by parents in these situations. The maximum number of credited hours is 3 classes every 10 weeks.
  • Sibling benefits: Families with two or more children attending an Edu-Experts Centre will be eligible for a discount on the tuition fee, with each student receiving one more free week of tutoring.
  • Lump-sum payment benefits: If a parent wishes to pay for 20 weeks of tutoring in advance instead of 10 weeks, the student will be eligible for a discount. The student will receive 24 weeks of tutoring by paying 20 weeks of tuition fees in advance.